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Menny Level Up

Pop artist, singer and songwriter - these are just a few talents of the artist known as Menny. Born in Israel, Menachem "Menny" Amram is an Orthodox Jew that grew up in a very musical family. At a very young age he began to explore his musical talents and found out that he was a gifted drummer. Through exploration of other instruments, he came to love not just music but also the art of writing poetry. He further branched out and explored his creative talents by learning to sing as a teenager - he used his singing for several years to perform at his school. Every time he would perform, Menny always left his audience wanting more; his unique voice was sure to captivate anyone that would listen.

Menny's dream would come true in 2002 when he moved to the United States to pursue his singing. He established himself in Brooklyn, NY and it was there that he got a chance to really hone his skills and perfect his music - the kind that would stir his soul. While in Brooklyn, Menny began to work as a DJ for weddings and various parties. Won the title of DJ occupier of audience.

In 2014 he participated in a program to promote singers and his talent was not only excellent but exceptional. Every time he came on stage he would sweep the crowd with energies that you don’t see every day. Also during this period, he entered into the Alvin Ailey Great School of Dance in New York. There he studied dance with the great teachers of hip hop and pop; Robin Dunn and Tweet Boogie, who is now his choreographer. In 2015, Menny decided he was going to record an album and began to write lyrics and melodies necessary to build the songs. He uses his journey and life stories to create music that will impact the world. Menny has a very positive outlook on life and with his huge heart and even bigger smile, he hopes to sing not just to the ears, but straight to your soul.

For his album, Menny has teamed up with producer Cannon Mapp and in 2017 he released his debut single "Level Up" which can be found on all digital outlets. Some of his musical influences include Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Usher and Jason Derulo, and they all play a part in inspiring his creativity. 

ON 2018 Menny met the producer of Sony Mike Gonsolin. Menny made some pop songs collaboration with a big famous Sean Kingston by Mike Gonsolin of trend def studio which is distributed by Sony Music Group they released in 2019 single song wings" which can be found on youtube and all digital outlets

Menny is set to take the world by storm, sweeping up massive crowds of fans that will not only love his music, but also feel and love his good, positive and happy energy. With his love for fashion in addition to his dapper style, Menny is sure to make big waves in the entertainment industry.

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